Dining at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon

There has never been a better time to enjoy the fine dining options at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon in Lindon. When it comes to food, our chefs prepare meals that are both nutritious and delicious. Using the freshest ingredients, dining at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon raises the standard for dining at senior living communities. A variety of delectable and nutritious dining choices are prepared daily by our chefs, guaranteeing you a sensational Osmond Senior Living in Lindon experience.

Special dietary needs are always graciously accommodated, and arrangements can be made for residents who do better with finger foods or require protection for their clothing. We want dining to continue to be a pleasurable, rich part of every resident's day.

We have an open Soup/Salad Bar each day from 10 am to 6 pm, which is a BIG hit with our residents. We also offer an alternate menu in addition to our regular menu.


Residents dine together at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon
Osmond Senior Living in Lindon serves a variety of foods!


Nutrition at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon

The presentation and variety available at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon definitely brings joy to our residents! Of course, the food is also nutritious. Our menus are designed seasonally in coordination with our seniors. Menus are reviewed and approved by our consulting dietician. Residents are encouraged to share their favorite recipes. Choice is not only limited to the menu, but also to your dining experience. Many of our communities offer a formal sit-down service, a more casual setting, as well as outdoor options when weather permits. Behind the scenes, our dedicated staff is hard at work ensuring that your individual nutritional needs are met. Our Wellness Coordinator and Dining Services Coordinator will consult with your physician and with you to provide options that support your dietary needs and preferences. Personalized diets may include: vegetarian; low carbohydrate; high protein; weight loss; heart healthy; or diabetic. At Osmond Senior Living in Lindon, service plan meetings, the resident and families goals are discussed and are regularly monitored.

Our culinary crew will custom tailor the perfect fit for you. Come be our guest!