Luxury Assisted Living in Utah

Friendships prosper at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon. Not only do you have a resort to share with long-time friends, new friendships grow into cherished treasures. From the staff to the residents, friendships are encouraged because of the intimate size of the resort and through the activities designed around building camaraderie. One part of staying healthy is staying engaged and having an active social life. That is why Osmond Senior Living in Lindon typically provides numerous ways for patients to take part in activities. You can check with caregivers and staff to find out more about specific programs, but listed below are just some of the activities you can usually find.

Assisted living is a care option at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon.


We’ve all lived long enough to see the devastation of those who’ve been through the joys and challenges of life, who find that they have to live apart when one needs permanent care. Here at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon we offer the best quality of care and encourage our residents to mingle in our beautiful game room, theatre room and dining areas. We have large patios and decks and our staff is there to aid them in all their needs. We have the best activities director on earth, and we have a calendar that is filled with many activities that we would encourage family members to be involved with.

Osmond Senior Living in Lindon enables loved ones to remain together, where luxury assisted living is available for each and everyone; along with all the attention and care needed – to relieve the stresses of life, not add to them. In-fact, a couple, a group of friends, or companions considering independent or assisted living for someone within their group can arrange to live together at our luxury home.

Each person can enjoy independent and Assisted Luxury Resort Living at the finest level of care that re-inspires them – extending their lives and comfort. Retired living then transforms into re-inspired vitality at a resort built around needs, maintaining dignity and life-style.

Get the help and support you need at Osmond Senior Living in Lindon.

Benefits of assisted living include:

  • Tailoring of services to the individual needs of the senior
  • Maintenance of a senior's lifestyle (assistance with transportation, shopping, and recreation are just a few examples)
  • Programs designed to keep a senior active and engaged in life and their surroundings
  • Affordable alternative to the high cost of in-home care and nursing homes
  • Extended "family" to care and watch out for the senior's safety and well-being
  • Regular communication with family members
  • Help prevent major disasters that sometimes happen when seniors live alone